Friday, September 10, 2010

And off she goes...

The long awaited first day of Kindergarten has come and gone for my daughter. The whole process or registering, testing, school shopping, taking a bus ride with her and then watching her get on the bus alone and ride away....all felt so surreal.

I thought I could hold it together but I was sadly mistaken. I felt like the "Stalker Mom" instead of the "Soccer Mom" when I drove by the school (twice) just to catch a glimpse of her getting off the bus. How bad is that??

Here is my girl....

I am hoping as the days go by it will get easier....but I really don't think that will will likely get harder as she keep growing up before my eyes!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Man, that is such a hard thing! It's fun and exciting, but at the same time it just rips a teeny bit of your heart out... And no, so not "Stalker Mom". :o)

  2. I was taken back in time eleven years just now to when my little girl went to kindergarten. I did the exact same thing! I followed the bus to the school and watched her go in. Thanks for visiting. I'm following you back. :)

  3. Hey there- following back from

    and I joined your blog hop :)


  4. karen! your daughter is so sweet:)

  5. I'm your newest follower!

    I found you on Friday Follow -- great blog.

  6. oh gosh shes adorable! i wouldnt let her leave either, I'll probably do the same when my son reaches kindergarden.... yikes! sob!
    also stopping by from new friend friday!
    thanks for stopping by!

  7. What a cutie.... mine started 8th grade this week.

    Thanks for visiting and checking out my silver pumpkin.

  8. Hello- would you mind re-following me? My GFC didn't pick you up.....
    Gotta love technology!
    Anyway, as I said yesterday, I am following back, and I love your cute blog :)
    I have some cute contests- 1 new from last night- so if you come back to follow, maybe you can enter if you want! :)



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