Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Slump

Lately I have been in a slump. I am not sure if it is the winter blues or just I am burnt out or a combination of both. I am so tired of the cold North East weather I could scream. There was a glimmer of hope last week when we had 40 degree temperatures for 2 days in a row…but that did not last long. The cold came back and the melting snow was stopped. Boo! Spring is my favorite time of year and we are getting so close. But when I look at the 10 forecast I don’t see any temperatures over 39 degrees….what gives?!?

All this got me on the hunt to bring on some spring of my own. What better way to brighten things up than new bedding!! I love changing my comforter every so often so I don’t get bored with the same one. Then when you rotate it is just like new!! I came across the Bed Bath store and found some great deals on Lawrence Home Bedding. Even though it is not very bright and springy, I really like this one. It will go with my wall color and the flowers are subtle so my husband cannot pitch a fit! Love it!!

Then as my search continued, I found these adorable Floor Pillows. I had never thought of using them before in the bedroom but it would fill in some space hear the windows…which has seemed wasted. I will likely go with the Hyatt rounds in neutral colors so the will match everything. I can see my daughter claiming those as hers for a reading nook…what a great idea!

The last thing that caught my eyes was the Bedrest Pillows. How fun are these!!  When I was younger we use to call them "Husbands."  What better way to relax and read a book…HAHAHA. Who am I fooling…I don’t have time to read!! But I will have time to snuggle up with this and my daughter on the weekend and watch cartoons!!! I will pick a coordinating Hyatt solid to match the bedding and the floor pillows.

I had way too much fun looking at all this stuff. I think it helped me kick some of those blues away! I hope they stay far away!

What are you doing special to kick the winter blues?? 

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. That's one way to get over the winter blahs! I am so ready for spring!

  2. I'm always into a little retail therapy....especially at Pottery Barn!

  3. I was getting a bit on the slump hump, too. Spring is close...soon!


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