Monday, November 8, 2010

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Recently I finally broke down and decided…after 16 weeks without a hair cut or hair color... I would carve out 3 hours of my busy schedule and go to the salon. I was so glad I did…all except the bill! Wow.  Of course I thought I should do the right thing and get the special color shampoo and conditioner and the great product they used to tame my “hay head.” But I really wish I didn't have to spend SO much money.  I got home and got to thinking and remember a website I heard about, Luxury Parlor, and went off to check it out.

I was so excited to find all of the awesome products my salon uses at great discounts. The first this I searched for was the Moroccan Oil. They have all the products! The shampoo, conditioner, the oil treatment and styling cream! This stuff works wonders on smoothing my hair….and there is not much out there that does. (see previous “hay head” comment ) Can you tell how excited I am? Well I was like a “Kid in a Candy Store” excited! All of these product in one place and a lot less than the salons.

Find the Moroccan Oil products here.

So while I was on this website, I decided to poke around a bit and boy I am glad I did. I found all the brands I use and Aveda is of one those products. They have every product you can think of. I especially like the “Be Curly Curl Enhancer.” I have a lot of wave to my hair but not a nice curl. When I am not trying to make my hair stick straight have used this product. It strengthens the curl and make it look natural…LOVE IT!

Find the Aveda products here.

One other product that have heard of but never tried is Kerastase.  I have only heard people talk about this brand and how great it is…and now that I have found it here…I just may have to try it out! I may try the Kerastase Reflection Lait Chroma Reflect. It is designed for color treated hair (that’s me!!) to smooth your hair and boost the color! Could it get any better??? I say NO!!

Find the Kerastase products here.

Go check out and let me know if you have a favorite product.  And a lot of these items have FREE SHIPPING...happy shopping!!

Have a great Monday!


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