Thursday, October 14, 2010


For the majority of the day yesterday I was glued to the live Internet feed of the rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners that were trapped for 69 days.  I could not believe my eyes that all of the efforts that had gone into planning the rescue were actually coming to fruition and working flawlessly. 

 I got teary eyed and sometimes more than that every time I watched a miner emerge from the capsule.  The stories of the miner's loved ones spending day and night camped out just waiting to see them was unbelievable. 

The workers that went without sleep for days as they prepared the tunnel for the miners to travel through were amazing.  It is wonderful to see so many people (and countries) come together. 

I will have the images of the miners faces as they came out of the capsule and the emotion they expressed when greeting their families for a long time to come. 

With all of the bad things we see in the news every day it is refreshing for such a horrific story have such a happy outcome.

Have a great Thursday!

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