Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bad Idea

When a sign up sheet was posted at my daughter's daycare to bring home the class pet hamster...I thought "Aw, wouldn't that be a good idea." First, my daughter's name was placed in a hat with several other kids to get the chance to bring him home for the long weekend. Then, by luck of the draw, she won!! Woo hoo!! So Friday afternoon, I picked up my daughter and the hamster and headed home.

Wasn't she cute.....yes she was...inside the cage. We had to clean the cage because she got kind of stinky. Bad idea right there. I figured if we just took her out in the bathroom we (I) could catch her very easily....was I mistaken. After I got her out of the cage, where she was sleeping half way down the tunnel, she did not want to go back in. In the 90 degree heat I was chasing this rodent around the bathroom trying not to step on her...that would not make for a good story. 45 minutes later....I finally cornered her and she crawled back into the cage. That really made my mind up that we would not be getting a hamster any time soon. I think I actually convinced my daughter that it wouldn't be a good idea! Who needs a pet that sleeps all day, is up all night and really has no desire for any type of affection? Not us!

So next time I decide it would be "fun" to have the class pet for a few days....I will pretend I did not see the sign up sheet!
Here are a couple pictures of her sleeping...


  1. HA HA HA! I love it...I think you should forgo hamsters and start your own farm!!!

  2. Too funny! and good to know for when my daughter goes to school! ha ha!


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