Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Quote of the week"

Sometimes the funniest things come out of my 5 year old daughter's mouth. Last Sunday she spent the day with her grandparents. They were driving through town and my father-in-law said to Allison, "Wow, Allison, look at all the people." And Allison responds...."Grampy, I don't know why you think I would be interested in that." She seemed shocked that anyone would think people watching would be fun. (I personally get quite a kick out of it) My in-laws are still getting a chuckle out of her saying that and will for quite some time. You never know what will come out of little ones mouth' keep an ear out and listen to how much they take in from what you say each day! I Love it!!

Here is a quick pic from her golf lesson last weekend!

1 comment:

  1. She's GOLFING! I LOVE IT!

    Oh and the stories feel like I'm looking into my own backseat. Keep up the good work, girlie!


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